Help Us Translate UniPDF to Make It More Global

We want to make UniPDF a more global tool to let more people benefit from this freeware. We’ve already accepted some of the users’ kindness to help localize UniPDF and we wish there are more to come. Currently UniPDF supports more than 10 languages including:

English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Vietnamese

If you want to help us as well as help people of your languages, simply translate the English words in the following code and send back to support[at] You can see you language listed in the next version!

<Set Index=”1″ text=”English”>
<txt BtnID=”1″>Add</txt>
<txt BtnID=”2″>Remove</txt>
<txt BtnID=”3″>Clear</txt>
<txt BtnID=”4″>Open Folder</txt>
<txt BtnID=”5″>File Name</txt>
<txt BtnID=”6″>Size</txt>
<txt BtnID=”7″>Total Pages</txt>
<txt BtnID=”8″>Selected Pages</txt>
<txt BtnID=”9″>Status</txt>
<txt BtnID=”10″>Home</txt>
<txt BtnID=”11″>Settings</txt>
<txt BtnID=”12″>Convert</txt>
<txt BtnID=”13″>Word</txt>
<txt BtnID=”14″>Image</txt>
<txt BtnID=”15″>Text</txt>
<txt BtnID=”16″>HTML</txt>

<txt BtnID=”17″>Language</txt>
<txt BtnID=”18″>Save Path</txt>
<txt BtnID=”19″>Image Format</txt>
<txt BtnID=”20″>Word Format</txt>
<txt BtnID=”21″>Default</txt>
<txt BtnID=”22″>Select</txt>
<txt BtnID=”23″>Save</txt>

<txt BtnID=”24″>Please add at least one PDF file.</txt>
<txt BtnID=”25″>Output Format:</txt>

<txt BtnID=”26″>Image resolution</txt>
<txt BtnID=”27″>Color bits</txt>
<txt BtnID=”28″>File prefix</txt>
<txt BtnID=”29″>Source path</txt>
<txt BtnID=”30″>Desktop</txt>
<txt BtnID=”31″>Custom</txt>
<txt BtnID=”32″>Please select path</txt>
<txt BtnID=”33″>Need Password</txt>
<txt BtnID=”34″>All</txt>
<txt BtnID=”35″>Not supported</txt>
<txt BtnID=”36″>Ready</txt>
<txt BtnID=”37″>Converted</txt>
<txt BtnID=”38″>Converting</txt>
<txt BtnID=”39″>Waiting</txt>
<txt BtnID=”40″>Stop</txt>
<txt BtnID=”41″>Simply drag and drop files here</txt>
<txt BtnID=”42″>Total files you have converted with UniPDF:</txt>
<txt BtnID=”43″>User Center</txt>
<txt BtnID=”44″>Share it</txt>
<txt BtnID=”45″>Please add at least one PDF file.</txt>
<txt BtnID=”46″>New version detected, update now?</txt>
<txt BtnID=”47″>Please select where you want to save the converted file(s) by default. You can change it in the “Settings” tab later.</txt>
<txt BtnID=”48″>OK</txt>
<txt BtnID=”49″>invalid path</txt>
<txt BtnID=”50″>Conversion completed.</txt>
<txt BtnID=”51″>e.g 1-4</txt>
<txt BtnID=”52″>Error</txt>
<txt BtnID=”53″>OK</txt>
<txt BtnID=”54″>Cancel</txt>
<txt BtnID=”55″>Open converted Files</txt>
<txt BtnID=”56″>Open output file path</txt>

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13 Comments » for Help Us Translate UniPDF to Make It More Global
  1. Sahieyrah says:

    There is no Brazilian Portuguese language. Portuguese is Portuguese whose ogirin is from Portugal. What the brazilian speak are portuguese, but they have its own expressions that are not used in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Cabo Verde, East Timor, Sao Tome and Prince and Guine. If you want a translation to PORTUGUESE I am very happy to do it.RegardsJoao Coelho

  2. Rachid says:

    There is no arabic language

  3. kajang says:

    There is no arabic language!!!

  4. K K RAO says:

    Your supporting page says that it supports Hindi language.
    But in your software there is no Hindi for translation. And it translates Hindi to unrecongisable language.
    Pleaese let me know why this discrepancy?
    Thank You

  5. Leopoldo Quintero says:

    Muy practico elprograma

  6. Danghaido says:

    There is no Vietname language!!!

  7. dheeraj says:

    there is no hindi language

  8. Shivakumar MS says:

    What about kannada which is widely used in Bangalore, India, the IT hub.

  9. saad el-adel says:

    please be so kind and develope your converter tools to convert pdf arabic texts, especially arabnewspapers pdf text to word
    i am in bad need of this
    please do something, i am sure, you can !!!!

    saad el adel

  10. Please include Kannada language if possible.

  11. Bijoy Das says:

    Please download Arabic font for Urdu along with a retroflex l having character as ‘Lam’ with three dots ‘nukta’. Then I will upload translation in Brahvi.

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