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The Most Popular Free PDF to Doc Converter Software for Windows

Standalone and easy-to-use, UniPDF offers high-quality conversion from PDF files to doc files (.doc) in batch mode, with all texts, layouts, images and formatting ideally kept.

Runs on Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32-bit/64-bit)

Best PDF to DOC Converter Free Download

For those who prefer to digitalize their stuff, it is really difficult to manage their notes and files with different programs. Most of the times, people have either PDF format files, MS word files, or simply doc format files in their laptops. Although each of these software has its benefits and all three of them are widely used by people all over the world, there is still a need to convert PDF to Doc files or in MS word files. We all know that editing in PDF is not an easy task, whereas, in Doc or MS word format, you can do editing easily.

Why do people need to convert PDF to Doc?

People like to keep their documents in the same format to be comfortable with the software setting. To cater to the need of people who prefer to convert PDF to doc files, there is PDF to doc converter software. There are many free tools for convert PDF to word which you can use easily. These types of software are mostly available online but there are some that you can download in your laptop and convert PDF to Doc files. Although these files can be saved in any format keeping them in a certain format that is compatible with our laptops, tabs, and smartphones is just further convenient.

UniPDF® PDF to Doc Converter

hassle free way to convert PDF files to Doc documents

UniPDF, Best PDF to Doc Converter Software for Windows

People used to buy a particular program to convert their files into that particular format but not anymore as the basic version of UniPDF is free to use. UniPDF converter is a PDF to Doc converter software by which people can change the file format from PDF to Doc. It doesn’t matter how many files you have, all will be free to convert but you can only convert 3 files per day in the basic version. If you get the pro version of UniPDF, then there are other features which give you unlimited access to convert pdf to doc along with supported updates.

Features of UniPDF: Best PDF to Doc converter

  • Easy and quick: This UniPDF allows everyone to convert their PDF documents into Doc files quickly and easily. You can convert files one by one in minutes or just convert a batch of PDF files in a few minutes.
  • Compatible with Windows: This software is specially designed to be compatible with windows. It is used by many students, employees, and business communities.
  • Safe to use: It is safe to use as there won’t be any spam or viral activity associated with this software.

Lastly, it is the digital age now, people have more data on their phones and laptop than in their paper closet, so, it is necessary to keep the documents in a sequence or in a software that is easy to use and have multiple features to take on documents, images, and other sorts of stuff. Usually, most online PDF to Doc converter software are free to use but it takes a lot of time to put the files on the website and then convert them and then download them. These platforms are also not safe for any private document, so we recommend you to use an offline PDF to Doc converter software to keep your information private. Try the free version of UniPDF and if it is as good as we claim, upgrade it with the pro version if necessary.

UniPDF to Doc

UniPDF to Doc is quick, reliable and is an easy, hassle free way to convert PDF files to Doc format.

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